Grant competition to support the bright ideas of ASEAN’s young teams of leaders

The YSEALI Seeds for the Future Competition launches. Become a YSEALI member by registering at here then look for the YSEALI Seeds for the Future announcement on its webpage, which will allow proposals to be submitted online. Seeds for the Future will offer grants up to $10,000 for each YSEALI theme: Economic Development, Environmental Protection, […]

July 16th, 2014 CultureOut of Topic

Festival Palace and Indigenous Peoples

The second Festival Palace and Indigenous Peoples #FKMA2013 place in Mataram, Lombok on 25-28 October 2013 collaboration between The ASEAN Directorate General of Cooperation,The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Forum Gathering Keraton Nusantara (FSKN). The event aims to strengthen the bond between the indigenous peoples and preserve the cultural heritage in order to contribute to […]

November 11th, 2013 Culture

Little highlights of Myanmar

This is what normally you can see in most of Myanmar places. The monks every morning to go around to receive food donations from residents , while the women are prohibited from receiving food , but received rice , groceries – sometimes money – then they cooked together in their convent. For Buddhists belief. If […]

November 7th, 2013 Culture

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  • Economically, ASEAN could become real if we realize that we need a community to protect the economic rights of the people of ASEAN. Like European Union for example. But for politics is not that simple, because there are differences in the perception of democracy and freedom of expression

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