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Dao VietnamVietnam’s court to punish blogger for 15 years since he wrote blog posting contains criticism of the country’s communist government. In the trial for 2 hours , the judge decided the blogger Pham Viet Dao ( 61 years ) guilty.
Dao upload dozens of articles in his blog. A court in Hanoi sentenced him under Article 258 of the Criminal Code on charges of “abusing democratic freedoms to harm the interests of the State ” for posting online articles that “distorted, vilified, and smeared the senior leaders ”

Dao apologised in court for some “erroneous” information, but said his posts did not impact badly on society. His blog ran posts critical of the government and sensitive issues like the territorial row with China. But Dao admitted accidentally and call writing article reflects poorly on the community . Dao refuses an attorney and chose to defend himself.

” What is done is very dangerous to society , sparked public anxiety and reduce public confidence in the leadership of political parties and the country ” said the judge

The trial of Dao invite the attention of a number of representatives of foreign countries , including a number of western diplomats. Dao is a former official at the Ministry of Culture and member of Vietnamese writers association. He was arrested at his home in Hanoi.
His sentencing came after another popular blogger, Truong Duy Nhat, was also jailed for two years on the same charges a few days ago. Nhat sentenced to 2 years in prison for the same charges with the Dao .

Human rights organization , Human Rights Watch in New York urged the Vietnamese government to release Dao immediately and to drop the case against Dao.
“The Vietnamese authorities are shaming themselves before domestic and international public opinion by staging yet another political trial of a peaceful critic,” Brad Adams, Asia director, said in a statement.
He added that Dao’s only crime has been “to use the internet to voice opinions shared by many Vietnamese“.

The imprisonment of Pham Viet Dao once again calls into question the Vietnamese government’s stated commitment to respecting human rights. In fact, Vietnam continues to behave as an authoritarian government that perceives every freedom, including freedom of opinion and expression, as a threat to its rule.
This is violation of the most basic rights of human right. Freedom of Expression. We have to protest vote against this policy. Let’s give support to bloggers in Vietnam are often experiencing the repressive actions of the Government.

iman — Indonesia Current Issues March 23rd, 2014

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  • Economically, ASEAN could become real if we realize that we need a community to protect the economic rights of the people of ASEAN. Like European Union for example. But for politics is not that simple, because there are differences in the perception of democracy and freedom of expression

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