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anak monksThis is what normally you can see in most of Myanmar places. The monks every morning to go around to receive food donations from residents , while the women are prohibited from receiving food , but received rice , groceries – sometimes money – then they cooked together in their convent.

For Buddhists belief. If we donate food to the monk or nun is a symbol of goodness which later results will be quoted one day, in the form of a better reincarnation.

Of course , as a Buddhism country, it’s easy to see Pagoda. Its everywhere. That building of Pagoda generally designed with three or five terraces to the top of the bell-shaped stupas. On the top of stupa there is like umbrella called hti . Some steps to the pagoda has the highest terrace. Pagoda also has a space where to keep things of sacred Buddha.

One of the largest Pagoda in Yangon is the Shwedagon , which is a city landmark . There was a story of 2500 years ago when the Buddha was visited by two brothers , Tapussa and Bhalilika who came from Myanmar . They brought honey cake to give to the Buddha who reciprocated by giving 8 pieces of hair from the head of the Buddha, then the hair was given to King Okkalapa who later built the pagoda as a mark of respect .

monksInitially high pagoda was only 66 feet , until it began to constantly renovated 14th century until now reaching a height of 326 feet or 100 feet. Hti Pagoda tops decorated with 3154 gold bells, 79569 diamonds and other precious stones jewelry.

The other famous pagoda, is Bagan, an ancient city. They call  a pagoda land, located in the district of Mandalay, central Myanmar. It takes 1,5 hour flight from Yangoon. It is amazing to see thousands of pagodas pagoda relic scattered everywhere.

baganWhen you sit at the top of the stupa pagoda Shwesandaw , one of the largest in Bagan. Just try to looking at the sunrise or sunset.  Sometimes you can see farmer herding cattle cow to return to the cage. This really peaceful atmosphere.
The best months to come here is November to February . When the rainy season is over , and generally sunny weather so they can see the sunset or sunrise from the top of the pagoda .

In a village near Bagan I found a procession that is often undertaken by children aged 7 to 15 years old to enter the monastic life . This ceremoni called Shihbyu , where the monks candidates – called yin maung lyaung – dressed in traditional clothes then accompanied  by the parents and families , they walk together toward local monastery.

The children will be asked for permission to the abbot to let them stay in the monastery for a week or more. Once they are allowed to cut her hair and changed into clothes monastery. This procession is the pride of the family and parents , even when their children later decide to live in the monastery.
This why so much you can see in Myanmar.  We are welcoming you
little monks


Aung Thu Ra — Myanmar Culture November 7th, 2013

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